A man is found buried up to his neck in the thick mud of the Norfolk saltmarshes, by a woman gathering samphire. Nine months later, as the bells ring out the end of the Second World War, he vanishes in a makeshift boat, leaving a newborn daughter, Lil, in his wake. Forty years later it is Lil's son, Pip, who begins to make sense of his family's fragmented history. Who was his grandfather, who fell from the sky and then disappeared as suddenly as he came? And what does it all mean for Pip, whose heritage of flood, fireworks, fish and clouds, has left him ill-prepared for life beyond the marshes?
  • Author: Page, Jeremy
  • Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publication Date: 05/09/2008
  • ISBN: 9780141027708
  • B-Code: B27708
  • Dimensions: 198x129mm