Find your clique, grab your gear and pay loving homage to high school movies from the '80s. A social party game for up to 12 players, Oh My God, Stacy! has jocks, preppies, geeks, skaters, theatre kids and punks work with their clique throughout the school day to prank their fellow classmates, collect and steal gear, forge alliances, and earn cool points. Morning announcements may change the rules of play each turn, so stay chill - and may the coolest kids win.
  • Author: Schram, Greg
  • Publisher: Chronicle (Vatable Products)
  • Format: Hardback
  • Publication Date: 09/07/2019
  • ISBN: 9781452171043
  • B-Code: B042969
  • Pages: 160
  • Dimensions: 178x216mm